Hopper Pan Mixer


  • Batch type PAN MIXER sturdy construction
  • Long life even at high working rate
  • RUBBER & POLIURATHANE sealing arrangement
  • Two mullers with wide mulling face

  • Range :

    Starting from 100 kgs to 1000 kgs / Batch.

    Efficient Sand Preparation

    'HARDIC batch type pan mixers are specially designed with sturdy construction. Only best QUALITY and tested raw materials are used and hence long life is ensured even at high working rate. RUBBER & POLIURATHANE sealing arrangement Guarantees against any sand intrusion in the centre bearings, hinge bearings or roller bearings. Apart from the scrapers which are wearing parts in a sand mixer, wear is least for all the other components.

    Constructional features :

    Muller : The PAN MIXER has two mullers with wide mulling face and proper weight to give efficient and maximum mulling action without crushing the sand. The mullers are in hinges and supported by springs which keep the mullers floating over the sand with Constant pressure. The gap between the mullers and pan plate can be easily varied to get the required strength.

    Scrapers: Two scrapers are provided and are so designed that one brings the sand under the muller and the other takes it out. The scrapers are braced with tungsten carbide tips.

    Crib : The crib is fabricated from MS plates and reinforced at the top and bottom to prevent any distortion while the machine is working. The crib is bolted to the pan base and is detachable for maintenance purpose

    Sample Availability: Yes

    BRAND: Mix Well

    Supplier Product Code: HE / 001


    Capacity Motor
    Muller Size (DIA X WIDTH) R.P.M Diamerer
    50 KG 2 H.P 10 X 6 (INCH) 24 28 600 MM
    100 KG 5 H.P 12 X 7.1/2 (INCH) 24 28 900 MM
    150 KG 5 H.P 12 X 7.1/2 (INCH) 24 28 1000 MM
    250 KG 7.5 H.P 16 X 7.1/2 (INCH) 24 28 1200 MM
    500 KG 15 H.P 16 X 10 (INCH) 24 28 1500 MM
    750 KG 20 H.P 20 X 10 (INCH) 24 28 1800 MM
    1000 KG 25 H.P 20 X 14 (INCH) 24 28 2000 MM